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Pagosa Springs - Colorado | Family Vacations

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Hot Air Balloon Experiences

Hot Air Balloon Experiences

Hot Air Balloon Experiences

Rocky Mountain Balloon Adventures

You have a unique opportunity to "break the earthly bonds of gravity," and if you've been dreaming about flying--try this!

As you gently ascend, the earth seems to fall away below you, revealing hidden canyons and valleys. You may feel yourself becoming a part of Mother Nature while riding the peaceful breezes with the red-tailed hawks, the ospreys and the majestic bald eagles. Wildlife is abundant, and we watch for deer, elk, turkeys and other forest creatures as we fly over Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

If you're searching for adventure, you've found one of the most popular and highest rated by TripAdvisor in our mountain town!

538 Village Drive - Meet by Tennis Court and Mini Golf -
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

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